About Lana Vello

Inspired by the beautiful landscapes, people, places, flora and fauna of regional Australia and the incredible qualities of Australian Merino Wool, Lana Vello is a platform to take regional Australia to those that already love it, those who haven’t yet experienced it and those that wish they were a part of it.

With a focus on versatility and sustainability, our activewear range is all about your comfort and convenience, while keeping your conscience clear. The garments highlight the incredible qualities of Australian Merino Wool and are beneficial year round for your everyday.

Lana Vello is not just an active wear brand. We are a community who care deeply about health, lifestyle and Australia. We’ve got tips and tricks to motivate and inspire you to feel your best everyday. Meet real farmers, learn about the huge industry that is sheep farming and look and feel amazing in our activewear range.

Meet Mikahla - Founder of Lana Vello

My name is Mikahla. I was born and raised in the Central Wheatbelt of Western Australia and I live with my fiancé on a sheep and cropping farm in the Avon Valley.

I have lived in Perth for a few years while I studied, but the country kept pulling me back. I just really love the lifestyle, the people and the night skies.

Lana Vello started as a way to combine my love of exercise and regional Australia by creating activewear from Australian Merino Wool. It has grown into so much more and I’m loving every minute of it. 

Choose Australian Merino Wool

Being an active fibre means Australian Merino Wool reacts to your body temperature and can be cooling when you are hot and warming when you are cold.

Australian Merino Wool is very fine and flexible compared to other wools, meaning it’s softer on your skin. It also has natural elasticity making it an ideal fibre for activewear.

Australian Merino Wool also provides great protection from the sun. Fibres absorb UV radiation making it an appropriate choice when undertaking outdoor activities. 

The ability of the fibres to absorb moisture means there is less sweat on your body. It also absorbs odour molecules within the sweat which are stored and released when you wash your garment. Being a natural fibre Australian Merino wool is 100% biodegradable.