Lana Vello owner Mikahla Collins

5 styling tips to mix up your activewear looks

Lana Vello owner Mikahla Collins

If you know me well you probably have noticed I'm no fashionista, but I have been wearing Lana Vello for quite some time and have been around models, photographers and content creators who Do know what they are talking about so here are my five tips for styling your Lana Vello and getting the most out of your activewear.


  1. Mix it up. There really are no limits with what you can do, and fashion in this era is really forgiving (I think anyway.) Express your style or mood by tucking your tops in different ways. A slight tuck at the front to give a pop of colour (hello golden waistband of the SASS bikeshorts.) Tuck in the side to create shape and flow or even tuck it into your bra for a higher, but still soft mid line. Each tuck gives a completely different look to essentially the same outfit which I’m going to go ahead and say it - is the best, especially to pack lighter on holidays.


  1. Dress it up. We all wear activewear when we’re not working out, but have you had a moment where you’ve wanted to wear your activewear, but thought you should be a bit more ‘dressed up.’ Look at your Lana Vello as your wardrobe staples. I harp on a lot about how well they go with denim, BUT they seriously do. A little mini skirt or your boyfriend jeans will keep you comfy all day long. I even seen the Windsor Tee paired with a blazer and it was a match made in heaven. The colour combinations in the Sunset State of Mind Collection in particular look incredible with white/fawny colours.


  1. Matching sets look great, but they aren’t bible. Yep I said it. While most of our activewear is made to mix and match there are some combinations that you perhaps wouldn’t think go together as well. Be BRAVE and try a different look. The Pink Reset Tank and Navy/black Elashgin leggings are a less traditional pairing, but I’m seriously in love with this look.



  1. Sticking with the be Brave moto, do you ever wear crop tops out and about? While it can be a huge step for lots of us to take, it can be a really empowering experience. Clothes are really cool like that. They are a form of self expression, how we want the world to perceive us and while many of us perhaps aren’t confident enough in our own bodies or aren’t sure if it would be appropriate, nothing is achieved in your comfort zone! I’m not saying strut around town in your crop and best undies, but if you are willing to try wearing a crop in public it can be a great step towards self confidence and self love and also learning not to sweat on what other people are thinking. My tip, wear with high waisted pants (like our SASS bike shorts) or even with an open buttoned shirt loosely over the top.


  1. Practicality and versatility are worth investing in. I know this probably doesn’t sound like a styling tip, but hear me out. Practicality and versatility are big values of Lana Vello and what we base our activewear around. I don’t want to have to worry about big sweat patches when I grab a coffee with the gals after my morning run. I don’t want to have to change outfits three times each day depending on what I have to do and who I will be seeing. And you won’t have to with Lana Vello activewear. This isn’t just limited to your clothes though! Want a watch to tell the time on a date And track your workouts? There are some sexy Garmin watches around these days. Want to stay sun safe at the park with the kids And not look like a vampire hiding from the rays when you walk with friends? Keep a nice cap in your car (I’m biased, but our ponytail caps are ahhhmazing) The point is if you invest in practical and versatile items it is way easier to style looks for whatever your day throws at you with far less stress.

 So there you have it, my 5 tips to style your activewear when you're not working out. Share your tips below!


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